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Families Advocating for Voices of Resilience, Inc.


Enriching the Lives of Families in Georgia

With the assistance of F.A.V.O.R., you will be able to explore and evaluate all possible options available to help your family have a brighter future. Based in Stone Mountain, Georgia, we are an organization committed to bridging the gap between communities by inspiring families to strive towards a positive outlook on life.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to ensure that families have a voice in their treatment by educating, strengthening, and empowering them while in their present circumstances. We strive to provide services that are family-driven and youth-guided, along with crisis intervention training.

Moreover, we value the unique needs of families and we respect their diverse cultural experiences. We help all families navigate through systems as they work to recover and overcome barriers or setbacks that they may experience in their daily lives.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to assist families in maximizing their fullest potentials by understanding their unique needs, linking them to community resources, and providing support through various services. We support families as they make decisions in setting goals and achieving their desired outcomes.

Parent and Youth Peer Support Provider

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