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Families Advocating for Voices of Resilience, Inc.

Peer Support Services

Our goal is to ensure families have a voice in their treatment, by educating, strengthening and empowering them while in their present circumstances. We strive to provide services, which are family driven and youth guided. We value the unique needs of families and we respect their diverse culture experiences. We help all families navigate through systems as they work to recover and overcome barriers and setbacks they may experience in their daily lives.

To assist families with maximizing their fullest potentials by understanding their unique needs, linking them to community resources and providing supports through various services. We support families as they make decisions in setting goals and achieving their desired outcomes.

Our Certified Peer Specialist-Parent (CPS-P) are peer's with the lived experience of raising a child with a diagnosis.

Our Certified Peer Specialist-Youth (CPS-Y) are peer's with the lived experience living with a diagnosis.


 are geared toward promoting self-empower of the parent, enhancing community living skills and developing natural support through the following interventions

  • Through positive relationship with health provider, promoting access and quality services to the youth/family.
  • Assisting with identifying other community and individual supports that can be used by the family to achieve their goals and objectives, these can include.
  • Assisting the youth and family accessing strength based behavioral health, social services, educational services and other support and resources required to assist the family to attain its vision/goals/objectives including.
  • Helping the family identify natural supports that exist for the family.
  • Working with families to access supports which maintain youth in the lease restrictive setting possible
  • Your Peer will meet with you weekly to help you and your family with your goals.

Peer Support Provide a wide range of specific interventions and supports, such as:

  • Assisting families in gaining skills to promote the families’’ recovery process (e.g., Self-advocacy, developing natural supports etc.)
  • Support family voice and choice by assisting the family in assuming the lead roles in all multi-disciplinary meetings.
  • Listening to family’s needs and concerns from a peer perspective, and offering suggestion for engagement in their family planning process

If you or someone wants to complete a referral form for services, please click the Referral Form Button to the right.  

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