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Families Advocating for Voices of Resilience, Inc.



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Families Advocating for Voices of Resilience INC. in Stone Mountain, Georgia assists families with finding resources to help those who may need a support system. Our support group sessions are all confidential. We even have support partners that offer youth and peer mentoring.

Our youth members come together once a month in a safe and friendly environment. Apart from that, we have prayer partners for those who are in need of prayer. After all, F.A.V.O.R is a faith-based organization and we are ready to serve all people in God’s time.

What We Provide

Individualized Educational Plan Services (IEP)

Family Support Groups

Youth Support Groups

Certified Parent Peer Specialist (CPS-P)

Certified Youth Peer Specialist (CPS-Y)

Opioid Resource

Education Around Prevention

Opioid Safe Disposal

Community Resources

Computer Lab Services


Food Pantry

Clothes Closet

Notary Services

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