Families Advocating for Voices of Resilience, Inc.

After School Program

  • A safe haven for children after school that provide homework assistance, learning support and tutoring services.
  • A resource for education and learning challenges; introduce students to try different learning methods (www.coolmath.com)
  • An introduction to new techniques and practices for socializing with peers -- in a supervised and structured environment..
  • An review of skill building tools and positive interaction lessons.
  • One-on-one assistance with students as needed.
  • Support groups allowing students to be heard and hearing their peers (walking along their same journey)
  • Introduction to FAVOR Youth M.O.V.E.
  • Skill building training (Conflict Resolution, Social Skills, Good Decision Making, and Communication)

Lights On Afterschool 2018. Please Join Us. Click to Register: https://georgiavoices.formstack.com/forms/loa2018

On Thursday, October 25, 2018, FAVOR Families in collaboration with G-SAN will hold its 1st Annual Lights On Afterschool event.

All community members are invited to attend to help us celebrate this nationa event and learn more about programs, activities, and opportunities available for your child.

Afterschool programs keep kids safe, help working families, and inspire learning.

This event will focus on how afterschool programs, like F.A.V.O.R., can play a critical role in supporting the behavioral health of Georgia's youth. Approximately 100,000 children in Georgia live with serious mental health conditions. Afterschool programs are part of the solution by:

  • Promoting the healthy social-emotional development of all children and youth
  • Recognizing when young people are at risk for or are experiencing mental health problems
  • Identifying how to intervene early and appropriately when there are problems

F.A.V.O.R. offers several services to support the behavioral health of the youth and young adults in their program, including support groups, one-on-one assistance, skill building training, and Youth M.O.V.E., a youth-driven national model to unite the voices and causes of youth around about their personal experiences in mental health.

The event will feature a tour of the program and a presentation of several speakers, including the youth themselves! Please feel free to forward on to others. Registration is free and refreshments will be provided.